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We are not just a team of competent real estate sales and marketing consultants, we are professional individuals who go over and beyond the needs of the ideal property, to give you the best. As a team based in Melbourne, we'll go through every process with you, including selling and buying properties we've detailed as safe for you to deal on. With us by your side, you can rest assured that every bit of your assets gets taken care of.

Why us

We have sales consultants that are certified and skilled in every industry-leading and best practices known to the real estate industry. Further, we are licensed, certified, and have a team laden with experience and adept at selling, buying, and evaluating properties in order to ensure you have spare time to focus on other aspects of your business and life. Again, you’ll struggle to find a team better suited and diligent in serving you because we never rest on our oars by constantly updating our skill levels, to meet up with global standards, and also to work within the guidelines provided by the laws regulating real estate. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best of both worlds in prices that reflect value and increase your wealth by putting your properties out there.

Our vision

Our vision is nothing short of being a team you can rely on for all your real estate needs. We want all our clients to trust us, even as we seek to inspire them to new heights with their decisions to sell or buy. It is also our desire that we become your go-to real estate agents that you to serious success and ultimate achievement, all the while, enjoying the process that leads to your satisfaction.

Our mission

Our mission is overwhelmingly geared towards giving our clients complete satisfaction in order to ensure they have the ideal and most comfortable experience in property transaction that suits their every need. Your total real estate experience is always at the top of our intentions, and this is evidenced by our drive to improve our creative and innovative practices aimed at efficiently serving our clients. Also, we have a track record of professionalism revolving around excellence and expertise so that our clients experience genuine satisfaction and multiple benefits. We believe in honesty and transparency and clearly use our expertise to serve the needs of our clients in every capacity related to the real estate industry. Freeland Forever’s experiences and necessary connections have placed us in good stead to ensure our clients have an incident-free real estate sales or investment they can be proud of.

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