How to prepare your house for sale

      Think about ..

  1. Why do you want to sell ?
  2. How much is the house worth now ?
  3. How much should be spent on upgrades ?
  4. What will be the value of the house after upgrades?

Before marketing campaign ..

5. Have the basic works been done ?

6. Who is the target ?

7. What is the impression ?

8. What is the actual value ?

The market is always full of people genuinely want to buy.  We aim at the motivated few who are the buyers we are looking for.  In current market, we use tactical listing and selling strategy to empower our client in creating competition for their property.
 Our pricing strategy is based on research, analysis and intelligence of comparable data.  We use the right comparable properties to derive the right price range and hence effective sale of  a property.  We will advise our client how to change simple conditions to make a property more competitive than the other properties.
 We devise smart pricing strategy to bridge the gap on any different price perception between a seller and buyer.   Throughout the selling process, we keep track of the price trend to respond promptly to get the best price possible.  Overall we guide our clients determining the right price and pristine to achieve a successful sale.

Tasks we do in selling

marketing and promotion
indicative price
open house inspection
enquiry and negotiation
feedback and reports
property sold
complete legal process

What can we do

Our sale objective and strategy is to list your property for minimum costs, but sell it for maximum profit return and price.  We look after your interests so we only recommend spendings on the most effective advertising means relevant to the property.
We will help you set an indicative price range that will generate lots of interest and competition, minimizes the time it takes to sell, suit your terms and gets top dollars for you.

how may we help