Buy property

knowing your motive and need

What you need and what you want

A Seller’s agent is not your agent

Be clear about your dominant motive and compelling purpose in seeking for property.

Have a list of indispensable items you must have and a list of eliminatory items you must not have.  Keep in mind your ideal property at all stages in your search.

Keep focused on your list of ideal property without distraction from time pressure and emotional tribulations.

Seller’s agent showing you property at open inspection has no legal obligation to look after your best interests.

What a buyer needs in every property purchase is for full and exclusive representation and undivided loyalty from an agent.

We can only act for either the seller or the buyer, but not both at the same time.  This is to prevent any conflict of interest.


4 Bd / 2 Bh / 2 Car / 720 Sqm

for sale

4 Bd / 2 Bh / 2 Car / 390 Sqm


3.9 Ha

for sale

3 Bd / 2 Bh / 1 Car / 150 Sqm

tasks we do in buying

Our sales consultants dedicate full time on our business.
We have a solid business structure and process.
We acquire market intelligence from diverse sources.
We work exclusively for the best interests of our client.
We keep in touch with our client and update them regularly.
We are creative in making our offer standing out.
We customize action plan for our client.
We guide our client all important steps throughout buying.

We advise our client what terms we should include and negotiate.
We follow through with our client the complete buying process.
We keep in touch with both our client and seller all the way.
We tell our client other costs they may incur.
We provide information for our client to make informed decision.
We keep in touch with the seller to ensure successful settlement.
We tell our client to prepare for any contingent situation.
We help our client to navigate the real estate landscape.

benefits we provide

The Power of negotiation

Not to overpay when you can

Save your money substantially

Know the real worth

Market Research

Strategy to protect your money

Conditions and concessions

Influencing tactics

How may we help